Saturday, October 29, 2011


There's a 35 point Steamroller tournament at Dragon's Lair tomorrow. It's a great way to wrap up the Journeyman League. There are no restrictions, so I decided to use the following list:

  • pVlad
  • Drago
  • Juggernaut
  • Man-o-war Kovnik
  • Destroyer
  • Widowmakers
  • Widowmaker Marksman
  • Kovnik Joe
  • Winter Guard Rifle Corps

I've never actually used the Rifle Corps. I have a full unit that's been sitting around for quite some time. I thought I'd toss a half-unit in, and see what they can do. The plan is to marshal the Destroyer to the Kovnik, and have him drop bombards while my Widowmakers and Marksman pick off enemy infantry. The Rifle Corps will get a boost from Kovnik Joe, and drop their suppression fire AOE to funnel wayward units towards a speedy demise. Meanwhile, Vlad, Drago and the Juggy will be running up the field for the win.

That's the plan anyway. We'll see if the reality matches it.

I finished painting Kovnik Joe and Vlad today. I was hoping to get the Rifle Corps finished, and then work on the Man-o-war Kovnik, but time got the best of me. For all of my models, I use Bob Ross black gesso to prime them. I tend to be a bit heavy-handed with the gesso from time to time. For Joe and Vlad, I tried to use two light coats, rather than one ginormous coat. For their bases, I used Elmer's glue and sandbox sand. Once that dried, I used two coats of watered-down Muddy Brown. It's part of Reaper's "Master Series." I prefer Reaper for cloth, because the matte finish is very smooth...and looks like cloth. I'll probably add some flock just before I clear-coat them.

For the base of Joe's coat, I used Greatcloak Gray from P3. I followed that up with some Blood Red by Reaper. The boots, medals, and sword were done in GW paints. The gun handle and Joe's gloves are more Muddy Brown.

I am horrible at faces. I've often thought about contracting them out. Joe has a very expressive face, so it was slightly easier than others have been. I find the Khardic Flesh to be a bit too dark, so I mixed a bit of Morrow White into it, and applied it. I followed that up with some GW Chaos Black for the beard.

For Vlad, I wanted something different than the standard Khador red armor. I went with Chaos Black and Dwarf Bronze, with a little bit of Boltgun Metal.

Vlad's cloth leg things are painted in Blood Red. I was going to use Carnage Red from Reaper, but I liked the way the Blood Red contrasted with the black.

So far, I've only done one light coat of armor wash. I'll probably add a few more to Vlad, so I can dull the bronze a bit more.

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