Saturday, February 8, 2014

Battle Report: High Command (Hordes)

Hot on the heels of High Command: Warmachine, comes High Command: Hordes. Overall, I've heard positive things about both card games, and recently picked up the Warmachine version for myself. A friend of mine was tapped to write up a review on the Hordes version for BoLS. We've logged some games, but tonight was a full four-player match, so I thought I'd write up my thoughts on it.

You have your choice of four different Hordes faction: Legion of Everblight, Skorne, Circle Orboros, and Trollbloods. Sadly, no love for the Minions fans. Privateer Press did a really good job of emulating the "feel" of the tabletop faction in High Command. Skorne Skorne. Your army cards are expensive, so you tend to be a little slow to develop. However, once you are ready to deploy, you hit like a truck and are difficult to remove. Legion is very similar to their tabletop counterpart. They have strong warbeasts, and are loaded with shenanigans...because they're cheaty. Circle is very close to the tabletop version. Army cards have a low cost, and you can move things around quickly. Trolls...well, we didn't actually play Trolls. Meh, I probably wasn't missing much.

So, I was able to get four people together. The faction breakdown looked like this:

  • Me - Circle Orboros
  • Jon - Legion of Everblight
  • Anthony - Skorne
  • BJ - Cryx

BJ wanted some of that hot, Cryx action, and there was no way I could refuse a follower of the Dragonfather.

The first few rounds were fairly typical. We covered the basic rules for Anthony and BJ. Forgot a few key rules, remembered a few rules, etc. I was able to pick up a bunch of cards for my deck, since Circle can be cheap. After that, all of us tried to start building some type of strategy. One of the things I like about the game is how you can tweak your strategy on the fly. You choose several decks to make up your army deck and reserves deck. Each one has slightly different cards. During the game, you have a fair amount of flexibility in what you choose to deploy. This can be beneficial as the game progresses and plans/strategies change.

Things picked up mid-game with Jon and I trying to contest each other's locations in order to prevent each other from winning. This worked well, but also allowed Anthony and BJ free reign of the remaining locations. Also, warlocks were now being deployed, and shit got real.

The final few rounds of the game went fast. We'd nearly used up our locations. The current Winds of War card allowed everyone to bank more than one card for the next turn. There was a tremendous amount of excitement over this. I had Mohsar waiting in the wings though, which would have caused everyone (besdies me) to discard two cards. This would have painted a huge target on my back, but I was hoping to screw up any late-game plans. Sadly, my plans did not work out. We ran out of location cards, and the game ended. After tallying the points, the results were the following:

  • Me - 19 points
  • Jon - 22 points
  • Anthony - 33 points
  • BJ - 32 points

So, while Jon and I were busy focusing on each other, Anthony and BJ quietly amassed a ton of victory points. I'll make sure to watch them more closely in the future. At the end of the day, High Command will never "replace" tabletop Warmachine/Hordes for me. It will be a great supplement though. I'm excited to see how the expansion sets add depth and replayability to the game.

Monday, December 30, 2013

40K Kill Team

So, it's been a fairly busy few months since my last post.

I picked up the updated rules for Kill Team for 40K. It was part of Black Library's digital Advent thing. I really don't have the time/money to fully invest in 40K. As much as I love the lore, I cannot find the time to play a full 1500 point game. Hell, I can barely find the time to play Warmachine anymore. I'd love to be able to scratch-build a few Stompa's for Apocalypse, but I know I'd never really find the time to enjoy it. That's why Kill Team is so great. I can easily play a 200 point game. I have more than enough Orks and Space Marines for it. With a minimal investment, I could even field some Chaos or Tau. This is definitely on my agenda for the new year.

As I said before, time has been an issue these last few months. When I have had the chance to play Warmachine, I've been using a proxy of Butcher 3. When it is finally available, I will own him. He is one of the best warcasters I have played in a long time. He supports his troops better than eButcher and can seal the deal by giving out grievous wounds. I used to have issues with Hordes players. Not anymore. Now all Khador needs is a light warjack with an arc node...

Speaking of Warmachine, Privateer Press recently announced the date and prices for Lock & Load 2014. The price has gone up a few dollars, which isn't too bad. However, it will not be at the Red Lion this year. I am a bit disappointed by this, because the new location is not on the train route. Also, it appears that food options are a bit limited. I'm happy that there will be more space available, but I may end up spending more on food and transportation, if I choose to attend.

I have gotten into Infinity recently, but have not dedicated the time to it that I'd like. It's fast-paced, and very reactive. There is still a defined "turn" in the game, but the opposing player can react to the other player's actions. The games are fast as well. The only caveat to it is that model point cost is freaking weird. As in, Europe's love of soccer and/or cricket weird. Shit does not add up very well. I don't know if they converted it from metric or not, but Corvus Belli needs to spend some time addressing this.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tabletop Gaming 2.0...

Golem Arcana "kickstarted" today. I have to say that I'm excited by it. Having a fully fleshed-out digital format seems to be a great way to get new players interested in tabletop gaming without having them pour large amounts of time/money into rule-books, paints, etc. I have many friends who easily fit into this category, and I can see this as a great gateway for them to have exposure to tabletop gaming. The models look great, especially the Gudanna, which will be gracing my collection as soon as they become available. However, while I like having them pre-painted, I have my own color scheme in mind.

I really like the idea of having digital rules that are readily available. That's something that Games Workshop and Privateer Press are only just getting into...and aren't doing a great job of it. Perhaps one day I'll be able to have a reasonably-priced digital rule-book that allows me to quickly find and compare rules.

I'm a little curious to see how responsive the game is. It's no secret that I despise War Room, and how cumbersome it can be on certain platforms. It'll be interesting to see how well Golem Arcana fares on alternative Android platforms.

Speaking of platforms, I've been experimenting with my basing materials. I picked up a Circle Argus and a Circle Winter Argus for a uButcher proxy. While I'm not planning on keeping them long-term, I kind of wanted to show them some love. Typically, I use a mixture of white glue and sand. I then prime it, and paint it. This time, I covered the base with gorilla glue, then coated it in sand. As the gorilla glue expanded, I could "mould" the base into a rough, hilly terrain. I'd like to try it on a larger scale to see how well it works for a possible table design. For small-based models, it was perfect.

Monday, January 21, 2013

LPS 4 Life!

So, I haven't posted much lately. I've been busy with life, upcoming child, school, etc. Still, I've managed to paint some Doom Reavers, Trollkin Whelps for the annual model exchange, as well as getting some work done on a few solos. Sadly, I didn't take any pictures. We have several cameras around the house, but the point-and-shoot has been misplaced for several months. I thought about using Christa's SLR, but I really have no interest in adjusting lighting, aperture, or any of the other things photographers care about.

Now that my n00b camera has been located, I can get to work recording my accomplishments. I've started work on the Conquest I picked up at Lock & Load last year. So far, it's just the torso. I'll be painting the arms separately, and then attaching them later.

There are two other projects I have on my plate as well. Assembling a 1500 point Ork list for 40K, and repainting my daughter's LPS.

Yes, I said LPS. Apparently, she wanted to make blood for them in order to have zombies. While I appreciate her ingenuity, she used an entire pot of my Khador Red Base to do it. I'm not entirely broken up about it, since that was a shitty pot of paint anyway, and this gave me an excuse to purchase a new one. Unfortunately, I'm left with this:

And this isn't the only one. I had originally thought I could dip them in Simple Green. However, that'll remove all of the paint, including their facial features, etc. So I'll be stripping the paint, and repainting them. It should be fairly straightforward, except for their eyes.

All of their eyes "sparkle" to let you know how amazing they are. I might slap some glitter on them prior to sealing, so you know exactly how amazing they've become.

EDIT: Damn, looks like the card reader isn't working. I'll upload the pics at a later time.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Scoping out a bombshell...

Privateer Press released two "Convention Exclusive" models in time for Gen Con this year. However, they also released them on the Privateer Press store. I think this was a good move, since not everyone has the ability to attend every convention annually. Both models look really good, but as a loyal supporter of Khador, the Bombardier Bombshell is particularly special. I knew a few people who ere going to Gen Con, and thought about having them pick one up for me, but it didn't work out. I assumed Privateer Press would be back-ordered on their store, so I opted to not order one.

Luckily, my friend Steve had my back. I received the Bombshell in the mail last night. Let's take a look at it...

The mysterious, unopened package.


Thank you, Steve. You are indeed a good friend as well. Now we just need you to join the hallowed ranks of the Khadoran elite.

The most important piece of this mini.

A chainblade, just waiting for some action.

Another type of "action."

The rest of the pieces, including a frosty mug of ale.

The detail on this model is great. Plus, it can be used in tournaments. I'm not sure if I want to paint it myself, or commission the work to someone. It is definitely a model that I want to display, so I may end up hiring someone to do it.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Inside the Box: Khador Heavy Warjack Kit + Torch

It's been a while since I've made any posts. Rest assured, I'll be fixing that oversight.

For being a Khador player, I'm fairly low on warjacks. I currently own one Destroyer, Drago, and two Juggeranuts (one classic). With the release of Colossals, Privateer Press is turning away from infantry-heavy lists in favor of warjacks...sort of the opposite of Games Workshop which is focusing on infantry with 40K's 6th Edition. That being said, I scored a Heavy Warjack Kit and the upgrade kit for Torch on eBay. (Thank you Discount Games!) I plan on magnetizing this, and will make subsequent posts on my progress.

So...let's get to the pictures!

This is the nondescript, unmarked packaging.

Torch and the Heavy Warjack Kit just begging to be assembled and painted.

Torch in all his glory!

Torch's statistics card. Notice the huge RAT, as well as immunity to fire and corrosion. You Menoth and Cryx players should beware...

This is a close-up of Torch's head. I'm going to need a very small drill, and a small magnet in order to make it removable.

This is Torch's medal. I was thinking of magnetizing it, but it might actually look good to just permanently attach it. I did something similar on my Classic Juggernaut, and I think it turned out alright.

These are Torch's smoke grenade launchers. As you can see, I'll need to use several small magnets in order to accurately attach them. I was thinking of using magnetic paint, but I'll need to research it a little more.

Torch's "spiked fist" attachment. Can also be used for sprays, and roasting trollkin.

The Heavy Warjack Kit...

Ahhh...a fresh tray of pwnage!

Statistics cards for all four warjacks.

The central torso for all of the warjacks. It needs a bit of filing, but it will be very easy to magnetize with such a large surface area.

A blank, unslotted base just waiting for some love.

It was difficult to get an adequate representation of scale in this picture, but these heads are small.

Two arm attachments for the Juggernaut and Destroyer, along with the ridiculously awesome ripsaw for the Decimator.

Shoulder joints, pelvis, Juggernaut's axe, and the Destroyer's axe. 

Open fist for the Juggernaut/Torch. Decimator's gun, and the Destroyer's cannon.

Feet, and the Marauder's ram pistons of DOOM.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Circle terrain.

Earlier in the week, my daughter, Ellie, gave me an oddly-shaped chunk of wood that she found at the park. It reminds me of something associated with the Circle of Orboros for Hordes. In fact, I'm going to make a piece of Circle terrain. I may keep it, or sell it. We'll see what happens. I found some really nice Warhammer fantasy bits. Specifically, a few Dwarf candles, human and Beastmen skulls, and some Wood Elf quivers and spears. I'll add a few pics as I begin working on it.