Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Trollkin Skinner

I was finally able to meet up with the San Antonio DL's Press Ganger, and swap models. It's a real shame I wasn't able to make it to the steamroller down there. I'm excited about the new rules that are being established. I'll have a chance to experience them during the next steamroller coming up in January.

So, I ended up with a fantastic-looking Gorman di Wulfe. I was given the choice of painting either Targ, a Trollkin Skinner, or Tharn Ravager Whitemane. I was very excited about painting any of them, but Dragon's Lair only had the Skinner in stock. I thought about ordering in Targ, but they've been a bit sketchy about customer orders recently. In the end, I chose the Skinner.

I used a combination of GW, P3 and Reaper paints. I chose to prime it in small sections, and apply the gesso with a smaller brush. This allowed me to fill in each portion of the model fully, and prevent any excess build-up.

I used some GW paint for the tips of the boots, and then Reaper's Muddy Brown for the rest of the boot. I thought about using black, but I felt like The GW black I have was a tad too shiny.

I used P3's Bootstrap Leather for the pants. I like how the P3 and Reaper paint contrast each other. I used the same Reaper paint for the belt and the pouches. GW's Dwarf Bronze was used for the belt buckle. I was thinking about using silver for the three circles on the buckle, but I wasn't sure if that would be too "bright." In the end, I stuck with the bronze.

The Skinner has a scabbard for his machete/sword that attaches to his belt. I chose to paint it separately, and finish out the rest of his pants.

I went with the Dwarf Bronze for it, and added Reaper's Muddy Brown. The cloth that is wrapped around it is Thornwood Green, a P3 paint. It's the same green I used for the weird sash-like thing hanging between the Skinner's legs.

Another angle for the scabbard.

The base proved to be fun/difficult to make. I used by typical method of white glue and sandbox sand. I had planned to pile up a few small rocks from our defunct fish tank as well. I wanted it to appear that the Skinner was climbing a hill. However, I also wanted to add some form of foresty scenery. I used some green flocking, for bushes, and added a few broom bristles to look like trees. I painted them brown, and added some watered-down flesh wash to fill in the cracks and gaps. Unfortunately, I underestimated the size of my fish tank gravel. I found a few small rocks, and glued a few down to the base. I then applied two balls of green stuff, and stuck the model to the base. I tried to attach a few rocks to cover the green stuff, but the rocks were just a bit too large. After the green stuff dried, I painted it with gray paint to simulate a rocky, mountainous area. It's not exactly what I was going for, but I think it looked good.

I'm coming to skin you...

I used P3's Greatcloak Gray for his skin. I really enjoy using that color because it has a slight bluish tinge in the light. I wanted his fur hat and fur cloak to be slightly different. I began with P3's Morrow White. It's a very bright, vibrant white, and really stood out against the rest of the model. I then watered down some Reaper Muddy Brown, and by watered down, I mean it was nearly a wash-consistency. I then gently applied a layer, let it dry, and then applied another. I did this another three times, until it looked as much like a wolf's pelt as possible.

Back with attached scabbard.

I went with P3's Khador Red Base for the eyes. I think it makes him look very fierce and dangerous.

Overall, it was a great experience. I was very happy to paint something for someone else. I look forward to doing it again next year.

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