Friday, May 2, 2014

Malakov has arrived...

Kovnik Andrei up-and-coming star in the ever-expanding Khadoran Empire. He's young, he's arrogant, and like other Khador models, he has the potential to hit like a truck. Malakov is Khador's newest (and only) journeyman warcaster and is part of their new "Vengeance" expansion. I received mine as part of the kickstarter for the new Warmachine: Tactics game. The kickstarter offered different sculpts, which was a good incentive for me to pick it up.

As you can see, Privateer Press did not skimp on their packaging. Only the highest quality manila packaging for us high-quality Khador players. All joking aside, Privateer Press actually packs their miniatures very well. Their blisters are pretty solid, and handle shipping like a pro. I always keep mine in case I sell off any minis, and need to ship them.

He comes with the "gold bordering" so you know that he is limited edition. My Conquest has one as well, along with a regular card for everyday use. His stats are decent, but I am slightly disappointed by the low health. Although, I don't think he'll get much action on the front lines. For now, I'll be having him marshal a Conquest in my pVlad list. It allows Vlad and Drago to do what they do best, and have the Conquest back them up (especially with Malakov's Redline) if things get real.

He's a fairly solid model with no bends in the arm, and very little flash. The pose is pretty sweet as well.

There's also a limited edition coin, or as people who are desperate for attention call them: shinies

So...yup, that's about it. I'll be assembling and priming him this weekend, and looking over color schemes. I'll probably use the same colors for both Malakov and pIrusk. They both seem to have that similar military elitism.

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