Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Khador isn't a warjack faction.

Many, many people say Khador isn't a warjack faction. I think I've hit my threshold with that. Yes, it's true that Khador lacks many options that can benefit wajacks, especially when compared with other factions. Yes, we lack light warjacks, and arc nodes. Yes, our RAT is four, and our DEF is typically ten.

When I read that, I can see why people wouldn't consider Khador as a warjack-friendly faction. Damn.

I plan on changing that. Apart from finally getting off my ass and ordering my Black Dragon Iron Fang Pikemen, I will be running more warjacks. I will probably set aside the Conquest for a while, and pick up a few Berserkers. They are focus-efficient, since they run or charge for free. This allows me to use my focus for buffs/debuffs. Also, my dream of running pVlad with a ton of Berserkers needs to become a reality.

All of this is assuming I don't get sucked into Warhammer Fantasy. The end times, man. The end times...

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