Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Inside the Box: Khador Heavy Warjack Kit + Torch

It's been a while since I've made any posts. Rest assured, I'll be fixing that oversight.

For being a Khador player, I'm fairly low on warjacks. I currently own one Destroyer, Drago, and two Juggeranuts (one classic). With the release of Colossals, Privateer Press is turning away from infantry-heavy lists in favor of warjacks...sort of the opposite of Games Workshop which is focusing on infantry with 40K's 6th Edition. That being said, I scored a Heavy Warjack Kit and the upgrade kit for Torch on eBay. (Thank you Discount Games!) I plan on magnetizing this, and will make subsequent posts on my progress.

So...let's get to the pictures!

This is the nondescript, unmarked packaging.

Torch and the Heavy Warjack Kit just begging to be assembled and painted.

Torch in all his glory!

Torch's statistics card. Notice the huge RAT, as well as immunity to fire and corrosion. You Menoth and Cryx players should beware...

This is a close-up of Torch's head. I'm going to need a very small drill, and a small magnet in order to make it removable.

This is Torch's medal. I was thinking of magnetizing it, but it might actually look good to just permanently attach it. I did something similar on my Classic Juggernaut, and I think it turned out alright.

These are Torch's smoke grenade launchers. As you can see, I'll need to use several small magnets in order to accurately attach them. I was thinking of using magnetic paint, but I'll need to research it a little more.

Torch's "spiked fist" attachment. Can also be used for sprays, and roasting trollkin.

The Heavy Warjack Kit...

Ahhh...a fresh tray of pwnage!

Statistics cards for all four warjacks.

The central torso for all of the warjacks. It needs a bit of filing, but it will be very easy to magnetize with such a large surface area.

A blank, unslotted base just waiting for some love.

It was difficult to get an adequate representation of scale in this picture, but these heads are small.

Two arm attachments for the Juggernaut and Destroyer, along with the ridiculously awesome ripsaw for the Decimator.

Shoulder joints, pelvis, Juggernaut's axe, and the Destroyer's axe. 

Open fist for the Juggernaut/Torch. Decimator's gun, and the Destroyer's cannon.

Feet, and the Marauder's ram pistons of DOOM.

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