Monday, January 21, 2013

LPS 4 Life!

So, I haven't posted much lately. I've been busy with life, upcoming child, school, etc. Still, I've managed to paint some Doom Reavers, Trollkin Whelps for the annual model exchange, as well as getting some work done on a few solos. Sadly, I didn't take any pictures. We have several cameras around the house, but the point-and-shoot has been misplaced for several months. I thought about using Christa's SLR, but I really have no interest in adjusting lighting, aperture, or any of the other things photographers care about.

Now that my n00b camera has been located, I can get to work recording my accomplishments. I've started work on the Conquest I picked up at Lock & Load last year. So far, it's just the torso. I'll be painting the arms separately, and then attaching them later.

There are two other projects I have on my plate as well. Assembling a 1500 point Ork list for 40K, and repainting my daughter's LPS.

Yes, I said LPS. Apparently, she wanted to make blood for them in order to have zombies. While I appreciate her ingenuity, she used an entire pot of my Khador Red Base to do it. I'm not entirely broken up about it, since that was a shitty pot of paint anyway, and this gave me an excuse to purchase a new one. Unfortunately, I'm left with this:

And this isn't the only one. I had originally thought I could dip them in Simple Green. However, that'll remove all of the paint, including their facial features, etc. So I'll be stripping the paint, and repainting them. It should be fairly straightforward, except for their eyes.

All of their eyes "sparkle" to let you know how amazing they are. I might slap some glitter on them prior to sealing, so you know exactly how amazing they've become.

EDIT: Damn, looks like the card reader isn't working. I'll upload the pics at a later time.

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